MinGW Builds Posix Dwarf (710r0) x32

MinGW-w64 delivers runtime, headers and libs for developing both 64 bit (x64) and 32 bit (x86) windows applications using GCC and other free software compilers.

Download Compiler

Name Platform Created Commit Count Download
SFGUI Windows 2017-06-27 93f601a9cf753c1533b53a61e797b2c4b346d9a8 4 Download
SFML Windows 2017-06-27 c43b5991afe815ef92a812d67f8af12b0143adfd 7 Download
Thor Windows 2017-06-27 479f3b944c6acea0e99b6fd372eb248c2e3d2881 5 Download

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