Thor is an open-source and cross-platform library written in the programming language C++. It is an extension to SFML. SFML is a multimedia library with functionality for 2D graphics, sound, network, window/event handling, threads, and unicode. While SFML provides rather basic, generic features to allow a wide range of applications, the Thor library comes with high-level features that base on this framework and that are supposed to help in daily C++ routine, especially with respect to graphics and game programming.


Latest Build
Platform Architecture Compiler Created Commit Size Count Download
Windows 32 bit MinGW Builds Posix Dwarf (710r0) x32 2017-06-27 479f3b944c6acea0e99b6fd372eb248c2e3d2881 4.57 MiB 213 Download
Windows 64 bit MinGW Builds Posix SEH (710r0) x64 2017-06-27 479f3b944c6acea0e99b6fd372eb248c2e3d2881 5.07 MiB 197 Download
Windows 32 bit Visual Studio (2017) x32 2017-06-27 479f3b944c6acea0e99b6fd372eb248c2e3d2881 2.95 MiB 245 Download
Windows 64 bit Visual Studio (2017) x64 2017-06-27 479f3b944c6acea0e99b6fd372eb248c2e3d2881 3.57 MiB 236 Download

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